Frequently Asked Questions

We are a center to perform the packaging and finishing touches on your product in many ways. If you are a manufacturer, we perform the functions that are “out of the norm” for your operation.
By outsourcing the finishing touches to your product, we save you labor, time, space and assure quality. Many companies concentrate only on their core product. They don’t have the labor, space or resources to produce anything out of the norm. We save you that aggravation by supplying the manpower and expertise to complete your projects. Temp help is expensive; the quality is substandard and requires additional space and management. We provide all of that.
We inspect and/or repair MANY production defects as well as salvage operations from damage situations.
Commonwealth builds “friendships” with our customers. We strive for perfection and often times we uncover defects that slip through your quality control. We deliver “ON TIME” and follow your specific instructions. We are meticulous and dedicated to our mutual success. When it leaves our docks …… it’s the way you want it!
It opens new doors and opportunities. “VALUE ADDED” and “ONE STOP SHOP”. Don’t turn down the extra revenue that can be generated by going the extra mile. Also, keep in mind that your competitors may offer the same services. We prevent you from losing your sales by supplying the finished goods. Your customer can rely on you for everything.
EVERY job we do at Commonwealth is kept secure. NO ONE sees your work except you. If you notice on our website, there are very few references to who we work for. We believe in confidentiality. No one knows you have outsourced the finishing to Commonwealth. Our most outstanding work cannot be advertised, due to our promise of confidentiality.
If we ever receive a call from your customer, we call you immediately. We don’t want to take your customer. We want YOU as our customer and friend.
We will receive your product from the manufacturer, Build your company into our inventory system, Count and inventory, store your products, receive your orders, pick, pack and ship the orders and supply you with up to date inventory. You handle all the monetary transactions.
Whether it’s a one time operation or an ongoing partnership, Commonwealth can help.
Call Commonwealth at 717-738-0100 and we can discuss your needs, how we can take the burden off of your shoulders and make your project(s) successful and profitable. Let us show you how seamless our partnership can be!