Joseph Mengel Founder

In 1991, after years of serving as Printing Plant Manager and Pressroom supervisor, Joe assumed the duties of General Manager of a prestigious mailing operation. During his years of service, he has served as co-chairman of the Lancaster County Postal Customer Council. Recognizing that fulfillment was a natural progression he built a separate, successful fulfillment facility. Taking his years of service and experience, he established Commonwealth Fulfillment and Distribution, Inc. located in Lititz, PA. Following the unfortunate passing of Commonwealth Fulfillment’s founder and owner Joseph V. Mengel. Michael J. Mengel, Joe’s son, has taken over ownership of Commonwealth and is extremely interested in promoting his father’s business legacy and corporate vision. It has been through our current loyal customers that our solid foundation was formed, and the bases to allow and plan for future growth and expansion. Please feel free to contact us with any future opportunities or endeavors that would be mutually beneficial to both our enterprises.

 About Us

With over 20 years of partnering with all the major carriers, we have the expertise, experience and knowledge to give your project the attention it deserves. We not only have the capabilities to process and fulfill your orders and distributions, we can inventory and warehouse your product. Real time inventory reports let you know exactly what your product levels are. Low level notifications prevent back orders and shortages.
Our many years of customer service offers you choices and options to handle the most complex projects. Let us design a fulfillment model for your project today!

Our Team

Our staff has grown in the culture of intense customer service and accuracy. Understanding that each and every project and task is a representation of the company’s reputation and integrity.
To be prepared for the short notice or extremely labor intensive projects, a part-time team of workers remain on stand-by. This team is an extremely important part of our system, answering the call when needed.

Why Choose Us:

Inventory is stored off-site, enabling the small business owner to store a larger variety and quantity of inventory. The fulfillment center will receive and organize your inventory.
In the world of e-commerce, where consumers aren’t able to examine products before they are purchased, returns and exchanges are commonplace. Fulfillment centers manage returns and exchanges by examining the returned items. Then the items are placed back into inventory or into the damaged item bin.
The time that you normally spend packaging orders, tracking inventory, and dealing with returns, can now be focused on growing your business. Use this time to expand your product line, enhance your website, promote your business or expand into new markets.
Order entry methods can be very important when considering a fulfillment service. The most common methods include:
  • Forwarding individual order invoices to the warehouse
  • Emailing an Excel spreadsheet with all orders once a day
Communication is an important part of every business. There will be times when you need to contact the fulfillment center to modify a customer’s address or cancel an order. Select a fulfillment center that is available via phone and email. You should not have to wait more than a few hours for a return email or call from the fulfillment center.
Mistakes will happen. Some customers will receive the wrong items or the items will be shipped to the billing address rather than the shipping address. When interviewing potential fulfillment centers, ask about their error rate and their process for remedying the situation. For example, do they issue UPS call tags to pick up the incorrect item and pay to ship a replacement item? Will they ship the replacement item at a faster rate to compensate the customer?
Each fulfillment center operates under a different payment schedule. Some use sliding scales and require contracts while others charge per order or per item with no contracts. You will also be charged a base fee to store your inventory at the warehouse and an additional fee per pallet or per item. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the fulfillment center’s costs and any contracts.